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Monday, March 5, 2012

Poor Choppy

Thursday night, Charly decided to go into the laundry room and shut the door. I had left a heavy, framed mirror behind the door that hadn't been put up yet and it fell on her scraping and bruising her poor little nose. Thank goodness it's not broken!

Friday morning, we went to Boondocks with my family. Desi loves bowling and the merry-go-round. Charly loved all the space to walk around! And my niece loved the fan by the ball return.

Friday night, the sisters had a craft night and my Mom graciously took my girls for the night. We got a lot done and I can't wait to put up my spring things! Here are just a couple of crafts we did.
Saturday, we went to pick up the girls and I ran Charly over to Krista's to get her hair cut. I love it! It looks so much better than the mullet she had!


Silly Steeneck's said...

Poor little choppy! It looks like it hurts!

Jeanette Atkinson said...

Sad for Charlie! Your crafts turned out so cute feel bad I missed out!