"The Savior emphasized the importance of keeping records. And one of the most valuable records is the one you keep of your own life." Spencer W. Kimball

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clearance from Target

I couldn't pass up this cute onesie I found on clearance at Target yesterday.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My baby is a beautiful and wiggly I might add, girl!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to finally know what I'm having!! We found out Tuesday night thanks to Krista! Her friend let us come down and she did an ultrasound for us. It was amazing to watch my, I mean our, beautiful girl wiggle and squirm. And yes, Tom is excited because he figured it was a girl from the start. We got some good pictures which I will bring to FHE if anyone wants to see. I am so anxious to have this baby but at the same time nervous that I will no longer see the backs of my eyelids!

Chloe's Future

This is what Chloe would look like if she was pregnant today with a glass bowl. Her future children are going to be so lucky to have her as a Mom because she has such a great Mom as an example!


This is one of my favorites, I love it!


Erin and Liz took these pictures for me last week after Erin and I had gone shopping for maternity clothes. These are the cute outfits I found thanks to Erin's fashion sense! In some of these pictures, I am also wearing a glass bowl. See if you can figure out which ones are which and put it in my comments. There will be a prize for the first person who gets it right (excluding Erin and Liz).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Coming Up!

I talked to Laura yesterday, the girl that will give me an ultrasound at the hospital where she works, and she said to call her at the end of next week so we can schedule it! So it should be in about two weeks! The only thing is I'm not sure if we should wait until FHE on the 25th to tell everyone what we're having. It's only a few days, maybe a week at most. What does everyone think? The poll so far (Laura Lewis) is showing that I couldn't wait that long.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Long week

I'm glad the week is coming to an end. I've done some stupid things this week and I just want to start a new week over, plus my doctor's appointment is next week and I'm hoping they will listen to the heartbeat again. I am collecting for the car accident fund for the next time it happens. I can't believe how many things have happened to my car since we've been married! I think if Tom had known how much I would cost for car insurance, he may have thought twice before asking me to marry him. He reminded me last night of all the things that have happened because they kind of all blur together now.
-a few weeks before we got married, I failed to yield on a left turn and someone hit me
-at a baby shower, someone hit my car and took off
-some punks broke into my car through the window and stole my stereo
-a girl backed into my car in the church parking lot (Wednesday)
-a girl failed to yield to me when she was turning left and I smacked into her (Wednesday)
-and on Wednesday I backed out of my driveway and hit some lady

Jeannette, you may hate Mondays but I hate Wednesdays! The last three I specifically remember happening on Wednesdays. And to think we were just going to switch insurance companies. Oh well, at least this gave me something to write on my blog.